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We provide Following Services

  • Indoor Vertical Aeroponics Farms
  • Modern technique of Hydroponics – Aeroponics
  • Climate Controlled Greenhouse based Vertical Aeroponics Farms
  • Polycarbonate (PC) Greenhouse Vertical Aeroponics Farms
  • Solar Photo-Voltaic PC Greenhouses with Vertical Aeroponics Farms
  • Ultra Smart Hobby Greenhouses
  • Portable Domestic Aeroponics Models

Our services

  • Turn-Key Projects
  • Project Planning
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Training of technical personnel
  • Crop Management and cultivation techniques
  • Post-Harvest Management
  • Packing and presentation advice
  • Marketing Strategy

Project Development Advice


Feasibility Studies

Project Planning

Project Parameter and Requirement

Sourcing of Material

Marketing Support Services


Sourcing Market Outlets (Auction, Importers, Brokers)

Packing and Presentation Advice

Marketing Information of Trends and new Varities

Personal Search & Training


Recruitment of Farm Manager and Staff

Staff Training

Technical Support Services


Crop Management and cultivation techniques

Project and post Harvest Management