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    Indoor Vertical Farm- Middle East

  • Flora Consult

    Indoor Vertical Farm- Middle East

  • Flora Consult

    One of the Biggest most advanced Technology on display- Middle East

  • Flora Consult

    Year Round Round pesticide free most hygienic production!!

Welcome to Flora Consult

We at Flora Consult are actively engaged in Advanced Agriculture industry since 1991, we have implemented and managed projects in India, East Africa and Middle East.

We are India’s only company to have implemented most number of large scales Commercial Hydroponics Projects. Last few years we have gained excellence in growing exotic herbs and vegetables under Aeroponics Growing for exports. The mission is all about Urban Farming Models.

Our main goal is to gain excellence in business and to ensure top quality produce to compete in International Markets. We have worked on both, backward as well as forward integration to ensure projects managed by us attain highest efficiency and quality.

In our journey for excellence, two of our projects were awarded most prestigious flower award from Holland i.e. “Dutch Flower Award” in imports category, in 2012.Similarly another project was awarded “Sainsbury’s Best Grower Award” from a leading supermarket chain of UK.

We are pleased to highlight couple of lines on Flora Consult. The growth of Hydroponics Industry and Advanced Agriculture Sector has intensified the need of credible and trustworthy Hydroponics Companies. Moreover, the lucrative returns that this industry offers have attracted several people towards it. However, lack of knowledge and consultancy has been the biggest hindrance in development of this sector. This is where Flora Consult comes in.

Flora Consult Specialize in:

  • Modern technique of Hydroponics, Aeroponics Growing.
  • Setting up export oriented flower/vegetable/herbs projects.
  • Selection and supply of plants and varieties.
  • Planning & layout
  • Preparation of project report
  • Growing and international marketing of floriculture/vegetable products
  • Project Management
  • Revival of sick units

Our Strengths:

  • Comprehensive consultancy right from conceptualization to final setup of project.
  • Projects of International Parameters.
  • Protects you from learning curve, with proven implementation, growing, and marketing modules.
  • Innovative cultivation techniques and methods
  • Innovative marketing approach
  • Efficient selection of project management team

The objectives:

The Flora Consult was founded in year 1997, with the following objectives

  • To increase the viability of International Protected Cultivation Industry by backward and forward integration.
  • To develop advanced and smart farming models in new regions of India and Abroad.
  • To keep pace with changing climate and technology.
  • To train skilled and unskilled workers in various activities of the project development.
  • To incorporate appropriate technology for the development of hi-tech projects region wise.
  • To develop international markets to enable the growers to get highest returns for its product.
  • To introduce latest and right type of cultivars to get best yields and proper markets.
  • To incorporate innovative marketing methods for the market development.